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B+ Short Story Alert!

posted Jan 25, 2020, 5:21 PM by Blazej Szpakowicz
Slightly belated, but:
My first published short story is going to appear in the forthcoming Mythical Girls anthology from my friend and colleague Alex McGilvery's Celticfrog Publishing:

Remember a when a young girl found a sword in Dozmary Pool, kicking off a storm of comments suggesting she was the next Queen of Britain? Six months later another girl found a sword in Norway, recalling the story of the Brandenstock Oak (the nordic version of the sword in the stone.) I got to wondering, what would happen if girls around the world started to find mythical objects? How would they impact the girls' lives, and even the rest of the world?

In this anthology you will find eleven stories of girls and mythical objects, some are set in fantasy worlds, others in our own, you will find swords, combs, books, bracelets, bow and arrow and more.

The goal of the campaign is to pay the expenses of putting out a great book - cover art, interior art, paying the authors, covering the editing cost. All money raised above our goal will go to paying our contributors more.

My story is entitled “The Knife in the Stone”: Nix doesn’t find Excalibur, but something more useful to escape her life in post-apocalyptic London...

Watch for more information here, at Celticfrog Publishing, and on Alex's Kickstarter for the book (already closed a few months ago, but still a good ongoing source of information).