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Not sure I’m the right person for the job? Well, you don’t just have to take my word for it… ’cause here are some reviews of my work from past clients!

(Quoted with permission from clients on fiverr.com and ServiceScape.com)

Meticulous edit and very fast delivery. I appreciate that he is so prudent in figuring out the context of a phrase and trying to identify the meaning that the author would have tried to convey. The comments he adds are insightful while keeping a reserved distance from his own opinions. Definitely recommend.
- “mn2405jp”, Fiverr.com customer

Thank you for your excellent editing. My co-authors and I love your work.
- Ho Kim, ServiceScape.com customer

Did a great job. I'm 120% satisfied!
- “likeablue”, ServiceScape.com customer

 “The editor provided with not only grammatical corrections but also with thoughtful advice regarding the content of the text. It really helped me and I cannot recommend [Blazej Szpakowicz] highly enough.
-  “kulstick”, ServiceScape.com customer